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Interflora MyrtlefordInterflora Myrtleford

This business has been a member of interflora for over 32 years and is proud to uphold the reputation of this highly respected international organisation. Interflora orders a placed within my store in person, by phone or via email and are sent anywhere in the world .
As a member my florist shop has to uphold high international standards in order to maintain accreditation standards with interflora.


On July 22nd 1946 representatives of America, Britain and Europe met in Copenhagen, Denmark to create interflora incorporated as it is known today. It is interesting to note that part of the original agreement stated… “for our respective associations we pledge to further its interests so that the world may be better served and the friendship of nations cemented through the medium of flowers”.
Flowers , hampers and gifts, virtually anywhere, anytime , for any occasion – guaranteed!

In our 100 years, we’ve managed to successfully build one of the world’s largest flower and gift relay companies. Interflora now serves nearly 200 countries and has some 70,000 members throughout the world, of which some 1,200 are in Australia.
Today interflora is a world leader in relay technology and floral marketing techniques. Its advanced computerised system can quickly and accurately transmit a floral order almost anywhere in the world, whether it’s to Broome in Western Australia or to Belijing in the People’s Republic of China.

Interflora in Australia
Orders are placed within Australia in person, by phone or via email – or sent from Australia to anywheere in the world through Interflora’s Australian Headquarters in Melbourne. Interflora’s integrity is supported by the “Interflora Guarantee” which guarantees “the freshness, flower quality and value of each Interflora relay order”.

Today the name INTERFLORA is synonymous the world over with the language and sentiments that only flowers can express. A florist shop displaying the Mercury emblem is immediately identified with Interflora’s tremendous prestige and goodwill. Interflora is not only the leading floral relay brand – it is one of the world’s most recognised and trusted brands.

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