Handy Hints

  1. Keep your flowers in a cool place. Ideal temperature is between 16 & 22 degrees Celsius
  2. Avoid direct sunlight as this dehydrates your flowers prematurely
  3. Keep flowers away from heating or cooling vents
  4. Keep flowers away from ceiling fans or air conditioning units
  5. Keep flowers away from ripening fruit and vegetables as they give off ethylene gas, which shortens the vase life of the flowers
  6. Do not place flowers in metal vases or containers
  7. Do not place flowers on televisions or radiators (applicants give off heat, causing flowers to dehydrate)
  8. Use flower food/preservative to prolong flower life
  9. Use a clean vase – wash the vase to ensure it is clean and does not have soapy residue remaining
  10. Clean water regularly – every two days
  11. Add 1 drop of bleach (kills bacteria) to water
  12. Remove any dead blossoms, leaves or foliage from the arrangement
  13. Cut stems on an angle with a sharp knife to increase the surface area and therefore allow a larger amount of water to be taken up the stem

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